To provide unique, quality clothing, accessories and impeccable personal image consulting service while reducing the environmental burden of the fashion industry. We love to share our knowledge of fabrics, labels, fashions and styles of the last six decades.


We focus on designs, quality and craftsmanship that withstand the passing of time. We offer unique outfits that tell a story instead of anonymous mass produced clothing. Our merchandize supports local designers and local economy.

There is a saying that the river Po near Milan, Italy flows with the colors of next seasonís fashion. The fashion industry is a strain on our environment; the chemicals in textile dyes are stable and remain in the environment for a very long time. Synthetic fibres made from fossil fuels are a strain on our non-renewable resources and natural fibres such as cotton and flax take up agricultural land that could otherwise be used for food crops. Our vision is to provide clothing and accessories that reduce the strain on our environment without scarifying quality.

Wearing vintage is a way to express individuality and feel empowered. Let us help you find that unique item that you will treasure for a long time. The store on 14th Street carries a vast variety of items and you can also visit our Etsy on-line store Blanche and Eleganza