Vintage is Unique

Vintage fashion radiates individuality. The items are one-of-a-kind which gives the assurance that the wearer is unique and will stand out from the crowd. Vintage clothing is a great confidence booster.

Garments tell a Story

Most vintage clothing is pre-owned and pre-loved. The items have a past, they tell a story. Annemarie Iverson, former editor in chief of Seventeen, fashion news director of Harper's Bazaar and author of In Fashion recommends adding one vintage item to any wardrobe to create interest and start a conversation.

Vintage has Quality

Only the best quality fabrics and tailorship withstand the passing of time. In the slower paced eras of the past attention to detail, hand stitching, seam finishes and lining were hallmarks of the craft; quality that stands out and that we still value today.

Vintage is Eco-friendly

Reusing clothing and fabrics contributes to environmental sustainability. By buying vintage clothing you are doing your part for the environment, while looking stylish and grand.

Vintage has Choices

Instead of being limited to the latest fashion trends, vintage styles are limitless. Styles, colors and lines that flatter any body type and express a range of moods, can be found in the eras of the last century. Let us help you find that unique item that you will treasure for a long time.